Colomb notes

Carolus’ Notes

Entry 1: Slotting with lenses prepared according to Alluric’s method yields a crimson aura a whole eighteen degrees across in each case. Conclusion: definite increase in type 3 etheric radiation from the key stars. When did this begin? Equinox has clearly already moved into second stage. They may have become MANIFEST. Impossible to make more precise readings without
Alphonse’s own eyepiece. This construction of mine is of course genius in itself but is far from satisfactory. Must send the quasits to look for it again.

Entry 2: Interstellar darkness thicker than before. Should be reading background glow at least but nothing. Are the cardinal stars draining energy from the ether somehow? Impossible – they work on different spectra. Can only conclude that the dark is rising in ANSWER to the increased stellar brilliance.

Entry 3: Fascinating object sighted tonight moving in easterly trajectory. Not a comet. Too low in the heavens. Also, shape all wrong – bulbous at rear rather than at head. Could not get a good sighting but detected motion around the flanks, as of waving tendrils. Possibly a vast elemental, or something of extraplanar origin? In any case, probably unrelated to the other phenomena. Expect it flew low over eastern continent. Must contact with old Mondwick Thaum and find out if he saw it.

Entry 4: Nova flare in the eighth quadrant! We have an instance of direct resonance between this world and the Sphere of the Fixed Stars. This is exactly as Cantagrulos of Peskari recorded it in the tablets, when he speaks of the head of the Dragon being suffused with flame. Well, well. The Goddess is not so far from us as the priests would have us believe.

Entry 5: There are forms in the darkness. It is becoming articulate. The Starborn have awoken and so have the Host. It cannot be long before they will encounter each other face to face. Time for those of us who know what is coming to choose which side our bread is buttered on.

Entry 6: Intriguing. My own chart indicates that a conjunction will occur in mere days. These incarnate Stars will cross my path, while they are yet newly awoken to their potential. I marvel once again at the splendid irony of the universe. Let us see what use we can make of them.

A Man Without Honor
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Colomb notes

T.D.W. Weller