Crescent City

Open sea b

Attacked by the Barrow Gast:

A few days after leaving Saragost the dark elf and their allys catch up to you but they are quickly defeated.

The trip to Kovosa:

On the jurney to Kovosa you get suspisious of the Elensil‘s Quartermaster Jherek Oivos, but after looking through his Mail, and subjekting the man to magic you find little to pin that suspicion on.
You’r visit in Korvosa is cut short when william seeks out his old teacherMaster Lorenzo, and learn that there is a price on his and mithras head, he also discoveres that Kara has been take by the wizards of the Academae and sendt south on a ship.

Arival at Crescent City

The skyline of the city ahead of you is a strange mixture of
graceful elven towers and humble slate roofs. In the centre of
all is a high steeple, strangely plain and bland in design. As you
draw closer, a medley of unfamiliar smells fills your nostrils:
unknown meats simmering, cheap perfume, roses and violets,
the swampy reek of black mud and something else underlying it
all, the sugary spoiled smell of human decadence
Crescent city env

You waist little time after ariving in port befor you hire a small grupe of Swamp elfs and set out to Find the Temple of Kharad and the beeing known now only as the raggerd man.
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