Swamp elfs

Swamp Elves

Swamp elf
Swamp elves have a greenish-brown tinge to their skin, wide
amber eyes and large ears that draw to a point. Their limbs
are thin, even more so than those of a typical elf. There is a
small amount of webbed skin between their fingers and toes.

The origins of the swamp elves are unknown. Some think
that they are a result of crossbreeding between elves and
aquatic dragons. while the majority of elves
believe them to be a degenerate bloodline.

By decree from crescent city, those swamp elves who do not yet have an owner are allowed to live in the marshlands that they have occupied for generations. Their settlements are primitive stockades, with huts made from wooden branches overlaid with mud. The swamp elves survive by fishing and hunting in the surrounding marshes.

At any time, a member of another race is allowed to come and claim one of the swamp elves as a servant, so long as he has an appropriate license to do so from the Crescent City Labour Office. The Office sells these licenses at exorbitant rates. Licenses will also not be issued during ‘breeding times’, when the swamp elf population needs to replenish itself. In essence, it is very much like the way hunting is regulated. The swamp elves are treated as if they were animals, there for the dominant races to use as they will.

Characters who pass by or visit the villages of the swamp elves will notice poles carved from tree trunks. These depict the heads of the primary animal deities that the elves look to for guidance in their shamanic practices. The order is always the same. There is a macaw head on top, followed by a monkey, then a snake, then a crayfish.

Swamp elfs

T.D.W. Weller