Rumours in Saragost

word on the street:

  • there are three power bases in town – the Council, the group of mages called the Order of the Prism and a group of crimminels calling themself the Midnight enclave.
  • The law is strict. Condemned criminals are executed by being manacled to the wharf wall at low tide; the incoming tide drowns them.
  • The Grand Baronial Hotel is a great place to stay, but dont go there to beg coin, the guards will have any “undisirables” found near the hotel beaten and arrested.
  • A ghost pirate called Captain Whisper haunts the streets of Saragost.
  • Sometimes, an up-and-coming criminal will be fished out of the harbour, dead from a massive wound to the backside, as if someone had impaled him on a swordblade.

Heard at the Inn

  • There is a powerful magical item in the Tower of Light.
  • This city used to be an elven stronghold but practically none of the original buildings are still standing; the elven sewer system is still intact, however and many houses have elf-built cellars, though the occupants do not know it.

New rumors

  • There is believed to be some kind of corruption in the Council but nobody knows quite what is going on.
  • Several major burglaries have taken place recently, in which guards have fallen unconscious after being wounded by poisoned weapons(items stolen cosist with bomb materials)
  • there is talk about closing the sea gate.
  • The object in the Tower of Undying Light controls the weather.
  • There is a new faction in town that has infiltrated the Midnight Enclave and the city council. Its members use poisoned weapons and only go out after dark. They use magic to disguise themselves. Several people on the city watch are secretly in their service. Anyone in service to this faction has to carry a secret token that cannot be forged, as proof of his identity.

Rumours in Saragost

T.D.W. Weller