Crescent city rumors

Tavern brawl
• There are four competing crime lords running the city
– Lord Raglan, Jimmy the Tailor, Little Reginald and Dark Mariah. If you commit a crime on their turf without their permission, then you are in a lot of trouble.

• On each crime lord’s territory, there is one tavern where the
crime lord’s men rule the roost and can drink in safety; the
landlord is in cahoots with them and will provide alibis and
hiding places when needed.

• The crime lords have an agreement with the guards, meaning
that their people can usually get away with petty crimes, so
long as nobody is badly hurt.

• Lord Malthus is the official governor and he seems to be
doing very well so far, though nobody is entirely sure how.

• The swamp elves seems to be slaves.

• When the authorities crushed the old Rogues’ Guild ten years ago, the King and Queen of Thieves hid some special treasures away somewhere in the testing maze under the guild house. Nobody has ever found it, though plenty of people have tried. The guild house is a hospice now, sacred to Saint Cecilia.

• There is a tavern in the centre of town called the Laughing Lord, which is the only neutral territory in the city as far as the crime lords are concerned. They meet there if they ever
want to have a face-to-face discussion.

• Lord Malthus is in fact a woman called Jessica. The beard is
false – somebody once saw it begin to peel off in the middle
of a council meeting, at which ‘Malthus’ rushed out of the
room and did not come back for ten minutes. Jessica is
Archbishop Vigilance Derrick’s secret lover, which is how
she got the position of governor of Crescent City.

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Caldraza, Nidal area

Crescent city rumors

T.D.W. Weller