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  • Neeril

    Neeril is no longer the skinny half-elf from the gutters of Absalom, abandoned at a young age she harbours few illusions about how the world works. She has the demenor of a woman who respect gold as a way to live a life of hedonistic luxury. however …

  • Bolgi and Bjarni

    The twin warriors Bolgi and Bjarni, slayers of the frost wolf Kuldnir, [[Elensil | back to Elensil]]

  • Jherek Oivos

    Jherek is a handsome man in his late twenties, though his easy grin makes him appear somewhat boyish. Beneath nondescript clothing of the local style, his frame is slender but well muscled, and he moves with an easy grace. [[Elensil | back to Elensil]]

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