The voice

through the dying man, a Voice speaks to you. It is faint but perfectly
clear. As it speaks, the stones thrum with a strange vibration,
as if they were amplifying the voice somehow.

‘The time of the Equinox is come. My children… I am sorry.
I have done what must be done. You deserve answers. I am
far… too far from you. You must learn who you are. The land
is yours. The people are yours.’

The speaker seems to be under great strain, as if speaking to
you was exhausting it.

‘This place is sacred to you. Sacred to ….
There are other places like this. From the time when people
Heed me now. If any of you should…, then
bear him to…. But make haste, for flesh that is spoiled
can never be made whole.’_

There is silence again and you wonder if that is all. Then the
voice speaks once more, faint as a dying echo:
‘Know this. There is a force against you. Already it gathers,
already it senses your return. Seek the sword of…. it lies near, waiting to be claimed… when that is found, you may begin to understand, to remember.’

The Gathering Storm
Arrival at The Stones

Standing stone
At first, it feels as if you must be dreaming. The sense of dislocation, the giddiness, the feeling of flying rapidly through space, all add to the unreality.
Where are you? What were you doing a moment ago? These thoughts arise in your mind, as if you were half-awake, on the borderlands of consciousness.
Perhaps you have been knocked senseless, or poisoned with some hallucinogenic drug. One thing is certain; you are in a strange place and you do not remember how you came here.
What you can see before you is as clouded and vague as the
contents of your mind. There seems to be nothing but mist, swirling in eddies around you, with a suggestion of huge shapes briefly glimpsed through it.
The mist is cold on your face and with a start you realise that this is no dream. You are
here, physically here in your body.
There is wet grass beneath your feet. You feel no pain, so it stands to reason that you were not knocked out and dragged here. How, then, did you come to be here?

Alone in the mist, you wonder why you do not feel more afraid.
There is a presence here, something old and comforting, like a childhood memory.
The mist begins to clear. In the faint light of a new day, you see
the huge forms that you glimpsed before. They are megaliths
– standing stones that tower over you, set into the form of a circle.
This place is achingly familiar to you, yet you have never been here before.
Through the thinning mists, you see that you are not alone.
There are others here, and by the look of them, they are as
surprised to find themselves here as you are.

The Tomb of Starkweather

Heltene finder ud af hvad der egentlig står skrevet på Starkweathers grav:

The tomb is made from four square stone slabs laid end to
end on a base made from stone blocks. There is some kind of
an inscription on the surface but you cannot make it out from

Stranger, trouble not the bones
Resting here beneath these stones
Here lies one of mortal part
Who held a star within his heart

And when They come that came before
The Stars shall fall to earth once more
To stand against Her might again
Who rises from Her sleep profane

And when conspirators assail
The throne, then these may yet avail
To cast from his exalted place
The foe that bears a dead king’s face

Adventures in Bronce

kort oprids af begivenhederne i Bronce:

  • 2 børn er blevet kidnappet af bugbears, en rednings aktion planlægges(mod passende betaling)
  • den første gruppe gnolls har ikke børnene, disse bliver, på nær nogle få slagtet. det viser sig at børnene holdes fanget i den lokale nedlagte guldmine.
  • Minen udforskes og børnene redes.
  • I minen findes følgende:
    1 Liget af en Skatteopkræver fra Saragost, gemt her af mølleren Jim og hans bande.
    2 en Åbning til et stort og uudforsket kammer under minen, dette viser sig at være “staging Area” for en invasions styrke af Durugars(deep dwarfs).

    Maser Oversers Letter
  • Det bliver forsøgt at “anholde” Jim og hams drenge, dette resultere dog i at Jim’s hoved under mystiske omstændigheder kommer i klemme i møllens maskinneri.
  • Bronce advares om den nært forstående invasion, og evakuering/panik opstår.
  • vores “helte” rider mod Saragost for at advare om invasionen.

The Road to Saragost

  • View
    reaching the main city of Saragost

    Saragost street
    The city before you is breathtaking. Outside the walls were only flat, featureless plains. Inside, there is a crazy labyrinth of streets, with houses, shops and taverns jostling for space. A constant din of activity surrounds you. The smells are rich and
    strong – spicy food cooked out on the streets in cauldrons, the dung of horses, perfumes that recall the lands of the elves and a fresh sea breeze blowing in from the west.
    Towering above all the other buildings is a single spire, on whose top, a brilliant fire of red and gold burns, undoubtedly the product of some kind of magic.


    • The rider: he announces himself as Captain Severin of the Westward Watch and declares ‘I’ve been sent to escort you to Saragost. The city council is waiting to speak with you.
    • The ambush: Severin tryes to have you killed, but fails. Severin survives the ambush, and on his person is found a Small metal disc, severin is curentley held at the “flaming Beard”
    • The Flaming Beard inn: interogation of Severin: he is beeing payed (a lot) to work for the invaders, he has contacts in the city harbour on a ship called the Barrowgast.
    • Warning the Council: The city council actually listenst to you, one council members seems to know more about what is going on with your arival on the island. The council hires you, and institude martial law… The Council then elects to spend the next day in emergency conference, to decide on the best course of action regarding the rest of Chillhame.
    • the strange elf: later an elf wants to speak to you at the inn, he claims he knows who/what you are…but before he can explain what is going on the city watch storm the inn… to be continued
    The Lost villages

    Clue: What the elf knew

    Lost village

    The Council Convenes

    You are assembled before the Council of Saragost, who watch you in silence, waiting for their leader to speak.
    Grandlord Yomah rolls out a map, which you immediately recognise as the island of Chillhame. Towns and villages are marked on the map; you notice that almost all of them have been marked with a ring of blue ink.
    ‘These,’ Grandlord Yomah explains, ‘are the settlements which have now been warned of the invasion by yourselves, or which our messengers will soon be reaching. Thanks to your efforts,
    almost all of the island is prepared to face the coming threat.
    There are, however, exceptions. The villages of Astercote, Chalksmere and Vannondale have all been strangely uncooperative.
    Our messengers report that Chalksmere is barricaded and has a warning sign before it, while the people of Vannondale appear to have given up talking to outsiders altogether. As for Astercote, we have heard nothing at all of it and the locals are muttering strange things.
    ‘These are not mere hamlets that might have been abandoned overnight. These are villages of many hundreds of people.
    We are gravely concerned, not only to know what has become of them, but also to alert them to the coming danger.
    Our messengers are efficient but they are not fit to send on expeditions into the unknown. We must therefore call upon the services of those who have aided us in the past.
    ‘We request that you ride out to these lost villages, investigate what has befallen them and ensure that the townspeople are properly notified of the invasion. We need the troops those
    towns will provide! We have precious few days left to us before the creatures from the north will begin their march across the island.
    Go quickly, for many lives depend upon it.’
    ‘We will keep you appraised of events here,’ adds Lady Arigane.
    ‘When the enemy is sighted, you will be the first to know

    Count Crastic clears his throat. ‘It will also be a good thing,
    in our collective opinion, for you all to spend time outside the
    city instead of remaining continually in Saragost. It appears
    there are some here who do not appreciate the service you have
    done for us and would very much like to have quiet words with
    you about it. We would rather have you alive. There will be
    enough martyrs soon enough

    After acquiring what information the strange elf had What the elf knew, ,finding the posible loaction of a node in Saragost and getting your hands on severins money you set out to finde the 3 villages.


    The entire village is cursed, the curse is lifted when the Headsmans son is sacrificed at the gods wood of “wohoon”, the village promise to send able-body men at arms to defend Saragost.


    The road to Astercote stops dead at the lip of the crater. It is as if the whole village had been scraped up by a gigantic hand and carried off.
    A few confused sheep are wandering and bleating across the torn earth.
    There is no sign anywhere nearby to show what has happened to the village. Detect magic spells reveal a lingering aura of magic.


    The peasants in this village live in fear of the ‘folks at the big house’, the Colombe family. These are the local nobility, who keep themselves to their mansion on the hill above the village. Ten days ago, they were foolish enough to hold a masked ball.
    Just in time for the ball, a special pack of fireworks and masks arrived.
    You are curentlet investigating the Mansion

    A Man Without Honor


    The two brothers.

    After making a deal with the Wizard, You chose to free Gustave Colombe from the curse and make him head of the Colomb mansion/family, hoping he will do what must be done.
    what will happen to the rest of the family remains a mystery for now.
    Also in the house you found some notes.

    Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!

    Back in Saragost you proceed to have a litte R&R, at your location of choise.
    Lucrezia Vascari “pays” the Grand Baroniel hotel a visit, it is here that she learn of plans to assasinate Sir Jeren Falconio and other rumors.

    Immediately you procede to prevent the plot, and Count Thaddeus Crastic and most of his drow allies are put to the sword/spell.
    you learn that the count has hatched plans to steal an item called the Stormdreamer Stone, and make a bomb.

    while the council i beeing asamblet and soldiers are beeing send to the baroniel hotel, you use the time to take a closer look at the Node located under the town squar

    The Battle of Hoxley Fields

    Alt plot info kan findes her under wikien clues og plot info.
    Dette inkludere hvad i fandt under Saragost og Arigane’s Message.

    The army that was bred in the underground caverns now surges across the upper world. Rank upon rank, legion upon legion of grey warriors, remorseless and rhythmic as a vast
    machine, are marching across the land. Chainmail and axe blades that have never seen the sun before now gleam in the daylight.
    Shrunken, deformed faces snarl out at the world, tiny eyes screwed up in disgust at the unusual brightness.
    As you look at this army of stone-grey soldiers, you know one thing for certain.
    They will not be taking prisoners, nor will they be offering terms. They intend to take what they have come for.
    In the rear ranks, you see a strange sight. Burly duergar are carrying sedan chairs, draped with black and purple silk, decorated with woven silver thorns. These must be the commanders of the army, kept veiled from the last rays of the sun.
    Lumbering along within the ranks of duergar are several massive figures. They have bodies like those of pale, flabby giants but their heads are bulbous metal spheres, like helmets.
    From the necks of the helmets extrude pipes that sink into the flesh below, with discoloured veins spreading out from the entry point. You have never seen such creatures before and can only guess at what they may be.

    The Elensil

    When the Battle seems lost on the defenders part, you withdraw to the Tower of light to secure The Stormdreamer Stone, after that, beating a fast escape on The Elensil, where another surprise awaits Martell.

    As the city is being taken by the Duegars, and their dark elf masters you flee towards Thieves kitchen, and your supposed destiny!

    Dark elves by yumedust

    Crescent City

    Open sea b

    Attacked by the Barrow Gast:

    A few days after leaving Saragost the dark elf and their allys catch up to you but they are quickly defeated.

    The trip to Kovosa:

    On the jurney to Kovosa you get suspisious of the Elensil‘s Quartermaster Jherek Oivos, but after looking through his Mail, and subjekting the man to magic you find little to pin that suspicion on.
    You’r visit in Korvosa is cut short when william seeks out his old teacherMaster Lorenzo, and learn that there is a price on his and mithras head, he also discoveres that Kara has been take by the wizards of the Academae and sendt south on a ship.

    Arival at Crescent City

    The skyline of the city ahead of you is a strange mixture of
    graceful elven towers and humble slate roofs. In the centre of
    all is a high steeple, strangely plain and bland in design. As you
    draw closer, a medley of unfamiliar smells fills your nostrils:
    unknown meats simmering, cheap perfume, roses and violets,
    the swampy reek of black mud and something else underlying it
    all, the sugary spoiled smell of human decadence
    Crescent city env

    You waist little time after ariving in port befor you hire a small grupe of Swamp elfs and set out to Find the Temple of Kharad and the beeing known now only as the raggerd man.
    For more information see:


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