The Orb of Azurite

The Orb is a blue crystal sphere three inches(7,5cm) across.


The Orb is a blue crystal sphere three inches across. It is a minor
artefact, cast down world, to assist the Starborn in their war against the Host. The Orb has the
following powers, with a caster level of 20 where relevant:

  1. The wielder is automatically aware of the direction and distance of the nearest Node or stone circle. He can also sense Nodes that have been corrupted by the Dark
  2. The wielder can scry on any of the signature weapons (whether they are currently wielded or not) and is aware of their location relative to him
  3. The wielder of the Orb can call forth daylight at will. The light is an intense blue colour but is otherwise as described in the spell.
  4. Once per week, the wielder of the Orb can call upon guidance, as if by a divination spell.
  5. The wielder is automatically alerted when any member of the Host is present within a radius of 300 feet. He is only conscious of a presence; he cannot tell how many members there are, nor their direction or distance. If he was asleep, he is instantly awoken

The Orb of Azurite

T.D.W. Weller