Martell is a large half orc, with seemingly his orc inheritance shining through.
His hair and eyes are completely black and the hair is long and coarse, seemingly almost looking like a mane running down his back.

A distinct feature is his nose which bends to one side, broken at some point and never was never set back into place.
When he smiles the lower front teeth’s protrude from his lips which usually makes some people back away from him.

On his one hand his little finger stands out in the way that it doesn’t line up with the rest of his fingers when he stretches them, also an old break that wasn’t placed back into the right place.


“Do not think for one second I don’t know the difference between wrong and right, just because of my heritance”
Martell looked at the 3 youngsters who stood behind him in the crowded inn.
For at least an hour they’d been talking about going over an’ do something good with the half breed in the corner.
Looking around the inn, Martell knew he was the only half breed there, and his apperance always seemed to rattle the local folk around the countryside.

Martell returned his conversation with the young lady sitting across the table from him, they were discussing a possible fee for certain services and possibly some information.
The woman got up and put a hand on Martell’s shoulder, smiling at him “I’ll see you in my room in say 15 minutes and remember the gold”
She slowly walked away, past the 3 youngsters while she smiled at them as well.

Martell let out a sigh as he heard the youngsters shuffle into better positions and proberly lining up the do some skull bashing. He could see the other patrons slowly moving away from his table.

Slowly he stood up and turned towards the 3. This in turn made them back abit away as the 7 feet tall half orc got to his feet.
Martell smiled at them again and cracked his knuckles.
“So which one want’s to go first?”

The moon sat high in the sky as the horses slowly come to a halt. Eilif the red haired barbarian looked around and pointed to a small clearing off the road, that should be a good place to break camp.
A little while later the small group had a small fire started and slowly it removed the cold of the night from the odd group of companions gathered.
Eilif sat and stared into the fire with a distant look in his eyes. One hand on his weapon, while the other slowly caressed an almost empty wineskin.
William with his cloak over him, the fire dancing across his face and the small horns protruding from his forehead seemed much larger than they are, in the shadowy light. His animal companion, a small white rat, rested in his cloak, with only the head poking out from one of the sleeves.
Mithras sat and looked into the fire as well, his face smooth and clean shaven, even though it has been several days since the group was at an inn the last time. His long brown hair falls across his shoulders as he absently tries to bind it back into his preferred ponytail, his slightly pointy ears and almond shaped eyes, giving away the fact that he’s not completely human.
Enveloped deep into her cloak and breathing heavily in her sleep, Lucrezia, her back turned to the fire.
Her head resting on the crumbled end of the bedroll and beside her a large hammer was within easy reach, should the need arise.
The last one, Martell, sat a bit away from the rest, looking out towards the road, his slightly pointed ears and protruding lower jaw, giving away his shared heritance with something else than human as well. In his lap rest’s a huge sword which glows very softly in the moonlight.
Mithras slowly rises and walks over to Martell, you think anything has been following us?
The small half elf sits down besides the large half orc and looks out towards the road.
Martell turns his head and looks at Mithras, his orcish eyes reflecting the moonlight with a silvery hue in them.
I doubt it, think that whatever was down those tunnels, they will be coming in large numbers only.
Mithras looks down the road from where they came. His normal eyes only seeing what the fire lights up, the rest of his vision is blocked by the black of night.
How was it you ended up by the stones Martell? You said something about the archway in Absolom, but you never told the whole story.
Martell turned his almost glowing eyes down to the smaller half elf and gave Mithras his most charming smile.
Well, I had barely just come back to Absolom, after finishing my final test to be allowed into the inquisitorial circle of Absalom. A few days from the city, some human robbers had been harassing some small settlement and I was sent out to make them stop.
After I had brought back the proof that they would no longer be a problem, I had been initiated into the circle, several years of training was at an end. The initiating rite was pretty quick and no nonsense about it. I was handed the reward for the job and had my hand shaken by my master and was then sent away.
As things go I had enough to spend my hard earned gold on. My armor needed patching and I had some debts to pay off at the inn and when that was done I was able to spend my last gold to buy a room for the night at that inn in good company and enough to drink for a while at least.
The next morning I went down to the workers plaza, which is basically a large open area where you can hire whatever help you need, mercenaries or farmers and beggars, most are willing to take whatever pays them a few coins.
This day though a special looking man was hiring help for a longer expedition, though he woulden’t say what it was or where it was going. His name was Haloran Idriss and he was a knight of Absalom. His very demeanor told of greatness and he personally looked over every member who was applying.
So he hired me and told me to meet him outside a famous temple, which is said to be able to make you into a god if you can enter it without using the bridges.

Mithras took another sip from the wineskin in his lap and nooded politely at Martell to go on.
From the corner of his eye, Martell noticed now that Williams rat was looking at him intently and it had poked it’s head further out from under the cloak. Eilif sat with his back against a rock, snoring intently.
Lucrezia had turned around and was looking at the two sitting a bit away from the fire, her eyes reflecting the firelight. Her eyes had each their colour, one green and one blue, both with a steely determination set in them.

Martell picked up his own water skin and took another mouthful of water.
So I was outside this temple, which is basically a hole in the ground of unknown depth, and in the middle of the hole is a spire where upon the temple rests.
There are 3 bridges going out to the temple, the fourth has crumbled.
The legend says that inside is an archway and if you can get to the temple without using the bridges and pass through the archway you can become a god, if you are deemed worthy, or something like that.
But this guy, Hadoran had decided to attempt this thing, which he would do by building his own bridge across to the temple. So I was assigned to help build the bridge and sometime during the next day, the bridge fell into place and a procession went across, with the knight and his personal counsellors going first.
Right behind him came those of us who had been hired as guards as well as builders and when the signal came we slowly marched across the bridge.
The last of the guards had barely set foot onto the temple grounds when a large explosion shook the entire spire and a very bright light shone from within the courtyard of the temple. Most of us were knocked to the ground but slowly I got up and moved towards the courtyard.
In a ring of stones a hole, perhaps a well by the looks of it, a white clear light as bright as the sun came up from the hole and around the well people were lying, probably knocked down from the explosion.
I stood for a moment while trying to get my bearings, looking for the knight, which I was supposed to protect, when the light started to grow even brighter. I had to shield my eyes and in a flash everything was gone. Slowly I woke up here and the rest of it you know.

Martell looked around again, in the horizon the sun was slowly rising, bringing another day with it. He smiled at Mithras and looked at the rest of the group. William had gotten up and was looking into his books containing his various incantations, making sure they were fixed in his mind. Lucrezia had also gotten up and was sitting with her whip in her lap, her lips forming a silent prayer to her deity, asking it to grant her the powers of holy.
Mithras got up and stretched, his whole body was sore from the days of riding and sleeping on the ground. He walked over to his cot and sat down, pulling his cloak around his shoulders and started humming a tune while looking through his own book of incantations.
Martell crabbed over to his bedroll and sank down on it, slowly unbuckling his armor and dropped it next to his other things. Then with a nod to Lucrezia and William he lay down and was soon sleeping soundly.
Slowly Mithras too crawled beneath his blanket and soon he too was breathing heavily, content to let Lucrezia and William take the watch for the next few hours.

Eilif had moved abit around but was still hugging his almost empty wineskin, his head sagging towards his chest and a low snore coming from him.


T.D.W. Kenil