The Lost villages

Clue: What the elf knew

Lost village

The Council Convenes

You are assembled before the Council of Saragost, who watch you in silence, waiting for their leader to speak.
Grandlord Yomah rolls out a map, which you immediately recognise as the island of Chillhame. Towns and villages are marked on the map; you notice that almost all of them have been marked with a ring of blue ink.
‘These,’ Grandlord Yomah explains, ‘are the settlements which have now been warned of the invasion by yourselves, or which our messengers will soon be reaching. Thanks to your efforts,
almost all of the island is prepared to face the coming threat.
There are, however, exceptions. The villages of Astercote, Chalksmere and Vannondale have all been strangely uncooperative.
Our messengers report that Chalksmere is barricaded and has a warning sign before it, while the people of Vannondale appear to have given up talking to outsiders altogether. As for Astercote, we have heard nothing at all of it and the locals are muttering strange things.
‘These are not mere hamlets that might have been abandoned overnight. These are villages of many hundreds of people.
We are gravely concerned, not only to know what has become of them, but also to alert them to the coming danger.
Our messengers are efficient but they are not fit to send on expeditions into the unknown. We must therefore call upon the services of those who have aided us in the past.
‘We request that you ride out to these lost villages, investigate what has befallen them and ensure that the townspeople are properly notified of the invasion. We need the troops those
towns will provide! We have precious few days left to us before the creatures from the north will begin their march across the island.
Go quickly, for many lives depend upon it.’
‘We will keep you appraised of events here,’ adds Lady Arigane.
‘When the enemy is sighted, you will be the first to know

Count Crastic clears his throat. ‘It will also be a good thing,
in our collective opinion, for you all to spend time outside the
city instead of remaining continually in Saragost. It appears
there are some here who do not appreciate the service you have
done for us and would very much like to have quiet words with
you about it. We would rather have you alive. There will be
enough martyrs soon enough

After acquiring what information the strange elf had What the elf knew, ,finding the posible loaction of a node in Saragost and getting your hands on severins money you set out to finde the 3 villages.


The entire village is cursed, the curse is lifted when the Headsmans son is sacrificed at the gods wood of “wohoon”, the village promise to send able-body men at arms to defend Saragost.


The road to Astercote stops dead at the lip of the crater. It is as if the whole village had been scraped up by a gigantic hand and carried off.
A few confused sheep are wandering and bleating across the torn earth.
There is no sign anywhere nearby to show what has happened to the village. Detect magic spells reveal a lingering aura of magic.


The peasants in this village live in fear of the ‘folks at the big house’, the Colombe family. These are the local nobility, who keep themselves to their mansion on the hill above the village. Ten days ago, they were foolish enough to hold a masked ball.
Just in time for the ball, a special pack of fireworks and masks arrived.
You are curentlet investigating the Mansion



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