The Battle of Hoxley Fields

Alt plot info kan findes her under wikien clues og plot info.
Dette inkludere hvad i fandt under Saragost og Arigane’s Message.

The army that was bred in the underground caverns now surges across the upper world. Rank upon rank, legion upon legion of grey warriors, remorseless and rhythmic as a vast
machine, are marching across the land. Chainmail and axe blades that have never seen the sun before now gleam in the daylight.
Shrunken, deformed faces snarl out at the world, tiny eyes screwed up in disgust at the unusual brightness.
As you look at this army of stone-grey soldiers, you know one thing for certain.
They will not be taking prisoners, nor will they be offering terms. They intend to take what they have come for.
In the rear ranks, you see a strange sight. Burly duergar are carrying sedan chairs, draped with black and purple silk, decorated with woven silver thorns. These must be the commanders of the army, kept veiled from the last rays of the sun.
Lumbering along within the ranks of duergar are several massive figures. They have bodies like those of pale, flabby giants but their heads are bulbous metal spheres, like helmets.
From the necks of the helmets extrude pipes that sink into the flesh below, with discoloured veins spreading out from the entry point. You have never seen such creatures before and can only guess at what they may be.



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