A Man Without Honor


The two brothers.

After making a deal with the Wizard, You chose to free Gustave Colombe from the curse and make him head of the Colomb mansion/family, hoping he will do what must be done.
what will happen to the rest of the family remains a mystery for now.
Also in the house you found some notes.

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!

Back in Saragost you proceed to have a litte R&R, at your location of choise.
Lucrezia Vascari “pays” the Grand Baroniel hotel a visit, it is here that she learn of plans to assasinate Sir Jeren Falconio and other rumors.

Immediately you procede to prevent the plot, and Count Thaddeus Crastic and most of his drow allies are put to the sword/spell.
you learn that the count has hatched plans to steal an item called the Stormdreamer Stone, and make a bomb.

while the council i beeing asamblet and soldiers are beeing send to the baroniel hotel, you use the time to take a closer look at the Node located under the town squar



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